SRM Energy Ltd. (formerly known as Hitkari Fibres Ltd.), a BSE listed company and a part of the Spice Energy Group, has embarked on implementing a total of 4,000 MW of power generating capacity in India.

To facilitate faster fund raising and resource mobilization, the Group has taken over Hitkari Fibres Limited, a company listed on Mumbai Stock Exchange and merged the Special Purpose Vehicle formed for implementing power projects - SRM Energy Private Ltd. with Hitkari Fibres Ltd., and the merged entity has been named as 'SRM Energy Ltd.'

In the meeting of the Board of Directors and its Committees held on 14th March, 2018, the Company has identified and appointed Mr. Bhupender Sharma as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and KMP of the Company to take the position with immediate effect.

We would like to apprise that Mr. Pranav Kumar, Non-Executive Independent Director of the Company has resigned from the Directorship of the Company, due to his pre-occupation and inability to devote time with effect from 14.11.2017.

Pursuant to section 149 of the Companies Act, 2013, read with Regulation 17(1) of the SEBI’s Listing Regulations, the Board has appointed Mr. Shailesh Kumar Singh, as an additional Director in Non-Executive Independent Category with effect from 14.11.2017.

Mr. Sameer Rajpal, Independent Director of the Company, vide resignation letter dated 23.10.2017, has submitted his resignation from the Board of Directors of the Company. He has cited the reason that he has decided to remain in Canada, his residential place, with his family, for urgent family/personal needs and due to that he will not available to execute his duties. The Company will take due note of his resignation in the upcoming meeting of the Board of Director.

Mr. Achyut Ganapati Pai, the Chief Financial Officer of the Company has resigned from his office w.e.f. 15th September, 2017 vide his letter dated 31st July, 2017. His Resignation was accepted by the Board of Directors in their meeting held on 14th August, 2017 and he has been relieved from his services from the end of working hours on 15th September, 2017. The Company is in the process to identify suitable candidate as the Chief Financial Officer of the Company.

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